Our Team

Tobias Elvhage, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, have previously made TV-series and documentaries about Swedish cultural heritage, everything from vikings, to the old universities and one of Swedens biggest church renovations in modern times, the Restauration of Maria Magdalena, a documentary that aired in 2019 on Swedish Television. Linnea Pihl, is an actress, filmmaker and Singasong writer,, she has been interested in the viking history and lifestyle all her life.

Together we have made the first pilot by forming a team with mixed nationalities, background and great expertise, our sound designer is from Mexico, our cameramen are from both Great Britain and from Kazakstan. We also work closely with a traditional Swedish musician that have studied and specialized on old Swedish instruments froms he viking era, that he makes by his own, and plays very well. This is to create a feeling of authenticity throughout the whole program.


Our Vision

Our goal is to guide people to want to seek out and value the paths of self-development and improvement, rather than focusing on external issues that might lead to violence, hatred, jealousy, mistrust, helplessness and more. We believe that understanding and valuing a nation’s own historic myths builds a natural confidence and self-belief guiding us towards a more hopeful future. Our principle values in this series are the search for truth, hopefulness, insight, identity and community.

We want to create a format that can be adopted in many countries world-wide, for these countries in turn to also be able to search for their traditional heritage, myths and legends. Our hope is that it might create understandings of other cultures that go deep and way beyond the language and cultural barriers that exists.


The True Viking Legends

Throughout human history and in every culture, it was regarded important and necessary to share profound stories. Whether around the fire, via word of mouth, music, poetry or art. These stories were - and still are - most often connected to myths and legends that share common themes and similarities, whether in remote areas of Amazonas or on the steps of Mongolia. The stories seem to connect, revitalise and reawaken in us a deeper understanding and wisdom about how to live a fulfilling life. The Greek philosophers, the backbone of the western civilisation, argued that before learning anything we should first know the myths of our own culture - a vital key to understanding ourselves and from whence we came.

However, something has clearly happened due to our ‘modern’ lifestyle. Especially in the country were we choose to start our journey, Sweden. The Swedish people are according to surveys the most individualistic and secular people on the planet. Sweden is country that has over the last century adopted one of the most modern, progressive and forward-looking lifestyles and values in the world. At the same time, valuable old traditions, historic modes of living and credible, worthy legends have lost their inner essence and importance to us. Even though Swedens ancient mythology should be celebrated since its closely connected to some of the most famous and celebrated world literature - such as ‘Lord of the Rings’. In the series we’ll explore these themes through the meeting with interesting experts, and through our own investigation of the ancient stories and their true meaning for us today.


Behind the Scenes - Creating the Authentic Viking Music