Commercial Case - Nordin & Ölwing
Nordin & Ölwing wanted a film about dreams people have about a new kitchen. A two-minute film for use in social media, the webpage and for presenting new kitchen ideas.


Branded Entertainment Case - The Quest for Luxury
We have regularly supplied NTD Television with various TV-series. We've worked together with the Swedish Tourism Industry, broadcasting players like Skansen, Åre Skistar, STF Kungsleden and Säfsen Resort to an international audience.


Campaign - Öppna Dörren
Öppna Dörren challenged the Party leaders of Sweden to each meet with an immigrant, resulting in 8 different films, portraying their meeting and their thoughts about it. The results where shown on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook.


Joint collaboration - World of Education
We developed and produced a documentary style series about abroad education for NTD Television, together with our biggest Swedish Universities. We worked with Lund University, Uppsala University, KTH, Linköping and Chalmers, to create high quality 30-minute shows for the Chinese and Asian market.

They were all shown on NTD, reaching a potential audience of 200 million viewers in Asia, and were also put on Chinese social media. English youtube versions were also put up after broadcast, reaching around 50 000 viewer each. 



Commercial Case - Yrkesdörren
Yrkesdörren gather foreigners together with Swedes that have established networks in the Swedish society, in order to quickly help them into the job market. Fenix Film filmed and produced personal stories with candidates that tell us how they have benefitted from the matchmaking. We also made shorter versions to be used on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Commercial Case - Tautologics
This film is a collaboration with Mathias Magnason, director in New York who helped develop the concept and the story.
The film is a first in a series, with the goal of through personal storytelling, put light on very special skills.


Case - My Story
We've had a long collaboration with the Swedish Institute, and made various commercials and short stories, portraits of Swedish entrepreneurs, short feature films and live braodcasts from Stanford. Together we also developed commercial series for the Swedish Institute called My Story, portraying young students from various backgrounds like China, India, Jordan and Lebanon, and their way into the Swedish society.

The arabic versions of two of the My Story films reached over 100 000 viewers in the Middle East during the first week after their release.