About Us


We started Fenix Film in 2010, and since then we have produced TV series within a branded entertainment concept, such as Travel the World, and World of Education, which was a collaboration with the major Swedish universities. We've worked with live broadcasts, and developed documentary-style commercials with customers such as the Swedish Institute.

In addition to commercial assignments, we've always wanted to tell strong stories, including documentaries about freedom if speech and human rights, which have been shown to an international audience, as well as short films and pastiches on the same themes.





Tobias is a filmmaker, director and entrepreneur with a passion for telling engaging and touching stories with film. He has studied at Berghs School of Communication and Media Cross-Producer in Stockholm, and has held seminars and lectures for a TV-station in Stockholm, Kiev and New York. He also holds well-attended seminars on how to get started with film production.

Andrea is an entrepreneur and business developer, and is passionate about film as a medium of communication. She has been trained at NTD Televisions headquarters in New York, worked as CEO for the production company Journey West Media in Stockholm, and has, together with Tobias, developed and produced several branded entertainment concepts for television.